Train Show Parking

Below, are satellite images of the Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall and the surrounding area.  The first photo below shows the Union Hall building and the parking areas around the hall. The roof of the portion of the building that holds the tables for our trains shows is colored Yellow in the photo below. 

Bright Green lines have been drawn around the Parking areas. To comply with all our contract please be sure to park your vehicle in marked parking spaces onlyDo not park on the yellow painted lines or block access to the two exterior doors to the hall (labeled 1 & 2 in red). Failure to observe these guidelines could result in your vehicle being towed.

There are parking spaces immediately to the right of the entrance.  There is also a single handicap space adjacent to the entrance doors in the rear.  To park in a handicap space, you must have a valid placard or license plate to show you are truly handicapped.  Please let these spaces open for those persons that really need to use them.

Entry and Exit gates are identified with Yellow text and arrows.  These are the only gates to be used to enter and exit the property.

Table holders ONLY may use the doors labeled 1 & 2 on the river side of the building (Purple outlined boxes). These doors are to be used for loading In/Out ONLY.  These will be open as indicated on the photo. Note: Both of these entrances have steps leading up to the door.

The second photo shows more of the area surrounding 1301 S. Columbus Blvd. 

PURPLE LINES  trace the final portion of the route if you took Exit 20 from I-95 Southbound.  Move to the left turn lane when you reach Reed St.  Make a U-turn at the traffic light at Reed St. Move to the right-most lane.  Go about 750 feet, then turn RIGHT into the first open gate.

RED LINES begin on the exit ramp from I-95 Northbound.  These lines direct you to cross the three (3) southbound lanes of Columbus Blvd., then turn left onto the northbound lanes of Columbus Blvd.  Immediately move to the rightmost lane, then go approximately 300 feet and turn right into the first open gate.

You can get this same image on your computer or mobile device using this link: