Weaver N4A Northeastern Caboose

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Weaver N4A Caboose

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The “Northeastern” caboose was never called that by the railroads that used it. The term was bestowed by railfans and model railroaders because the design was used by railroads that operated in the states that are today called the “Middle Atlantic” states, nevertheless in the northeastern quadrant of the nation. The main states were Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland, with (on the peripheries) Ohio, Delaware, and West Virginia.

The design was originated by the Reading Company in the early 1920s as a reaction to proposed legislation requiring that cabooses operated on through freights in Pennsylvania be eight-wheeled and at least 24 feet long. The legislation was finally enacted in 1929, with the additional requirement that the caboose center sill be the equivalent of that on a forty-ton freight car1.

It was quite fitting that this Reading designed caboose design was chosen as the banquet cars for the 2014 convention.  It is decorated with the convention logo featuring the Reading Crusader. 

There were three different version colors of this N4A produced; White, Silver and Gold.  Only one (1) Gold car was produced and was sold at the banquet auction. Silver cars were given to the Atlantic Division convention committee and the White cars were used as the “Banquet Car” and was awarded as the top table prize.  The white cars are the extra inventory left from the convention.  We need the space for incoming orders, so they must go.

The cars are from the Weaver Ultra Line.  The highly detailed models include metal wheels and axles, dual pick-ups, lighted interior and detailed undercarriage.  We have priced these at $39.50 each, plus shipping (or FREE local pickup).  These cars are in stock and will ship immediately.  You may pay by check or  Paypal (select your payment method, including credit card).

1 – From article by John C. LaRue Jr. on

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