Wawa Hoagiefest Boxcar


Lionel Wawa® Hoagiefest Boxcar

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Wawa® has generously permitted the Atlantic Division to produce the first-ever Wawa boxcar.  This is a 100% Lionel 9700 Series Car (6464-type) that is made in the USA.  Now is your chance to own of these cars!  As of 9/17/2017, there are less than 10 cars available.

The cars have been delivered from Lionel and are in stock.  Your order will be shipped with 48 hours of receipt.  A limited number of cars have been produced.  If you want one of these colorful cars, place your order today.  Once the inventory is gone, you will be out of luck.

The Wawa® HOAGIEFEST car is available for $69.99 each, plus shipping (or FREE LOCAL PICKUP). Shipping charges will be calculated once you have entered your address.  Your Wawa® car will be shipped immediately upon receipt from Lionel.  You man pay by check, or select your payment method from PayPal.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 x 5.625 x 4.25 in

Die-cast Metal Truck, Metal Wheels & Axles &,Opening Doors


The car is packaged in its own Made and Printed in USA box. This box is labeled by Lionel as follows: 6-83868 WAWA Boxcar, Atlantic Division TCA, 2017. This inner box is then packed in an outer corrugated shipping carton.

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