A&P Wood-sided Reefer (American Flyer)

Atlantic Division announces an American Flyer A&P Wood-sided Reefer

In the early 20th Century, “Billboard Reefers” were a common sight on the rails as companies advertised their wares on the sides of these ice-cooled rail cars. Featuring new tooling and colorful graphics, this car is sure to brighten your layout as well!  These cars are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  Note: Limited Quantities remain.

At one time, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, was the largest retailer in the world. After 156 years in the food/grocery business, A&P closed its last grocery store in 2015.

The car above is a reproduction of the prototype that rode the rails for the Great American Refrigerator Express (G.A.R.E.), carry cans of milk for A&P.  It is one of the first cars produced by Lionel using all new tooling for the wood-sided reefers bearing the American Flyer name.  It features die-cast metal trucks, operating couplers, metal frame and plastic body.

The single car is priced at $52.99, plus plus shipping (free Local pickup available). There are also two multi-packs consisting of three (3) or six (6) different car numbers.  The 3-pack is $149.99 and the 6-pack is $279.99 plus shipping.

This A&P car is being offered exclusively to TCA members.  To purchase your car(s) online, use the Shop menu option at the top of this page or click HERE. You may also download an order form from the FORMS section of this site, under Merchandise.  The direct address of the shopping page is: www.ADTCA.com/Shop Pay by check or use Paypal. These cars are being produced in a limited quantity, so order yours today.

Note: The A&P cars were produced with six (6) different car numbers, (733-738). If you order multiple cars, we will ship different car numbers, unless other requested. If you would like particular numbers, please add the number(s) to the notes section of your order.


Gottahava WAWA

Here is your chance to own one of these terrific cars! Wawa® has generously permitted the Atlantic Division to produce the first-ever Wawa® boxcar. This is a 100% Lionel 9700 (6464-type) boxcar that is made in the USA.

The cars have been delivered and all existing orders have been shipped.  There are less than ten (10) still available.  A total to 200 cars were produced.  If you want one of these terrific cars, place your order today.

The Wawa® Hoagiefest Boxcar is available for $69.99 each, plus shipping (free Local pickup available in Phila, PA area). You may place an order for this car in our online Shop or download an order form from the FORMS section of this site, under Merchandise. The direct address of the shopping page is: www.ADTCA.com/Shop.


Visit your neighorhood Wawa Store today!